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This website was designed with the sole purpose to assist you in making good real estate decisions. Take a look around the site to search for homes in the Bluffs on the Waterway as well as other homes and condos in Myrtle Beach or check out our “5 steps for buyers” page. We want to make buying a home trouble-free and pleasant for you, and we can help as your personal real estate specialists.

The following tools are available to you from this Bluffs real estate website:

  • Full MLS search for homes in Legends and other Legends real estate.
  • Myrtle Beach homes and condos search
  • Myrtle Beach Home Buying Guide
  • Legends Home Selling Marketing Plan
  • Ask a question Anytime feature
  • Myrtle Beach Relocation Package

Buying a home is a decision that is ultimately going to affect the rest of your life. It needs focused attention to details and like any other investment you must obtain all of the information possible before diving in. We as professionals, have the experience and knowledge needed to help you find this information and make the right decisions.  By contact, we will discuss your goals, create a buying strategy to assure you make a great investment, and organize showings at homes that fit your personal needs all while protecting your interests and making the experience as pleasurable as possible.


5 Steps towards Buying a Home

Are you trying to purchase a home? Here are five steps to help you prepare for this ordeal.

  1. Locate a local lender

    The first step is to find a lender near you so that you can meet them in person. Local agents will be familiar with the market around you and can offer you the most appropriate loan program. Request your lender to find a loan program that can help with closing costs. A common perception is that it’s impossible to find 100 percent financing for a home. You will be surprised to learn that this is not the case. Secure a pre-approval for a loan as soon as you have hit the right program.

  2. Focus on the area you want to live in

    It is important to research the areas you are interested in. Check out the locality, health, and schooling facilities, commercial activities and tax rates. This activity will help you narrow down your search to your requirements. Furthermore, you will get a fair idea of the cost of homes in the area. 

  3. Search and contact an agent specializing in the area of your interest

    This is a vital step that can save you time and minimize risk. A real estate agent with proven track record can land you the home of your dreams, but you must trust him or her. They are professionals who have the knowledge and resources to find exactly what you are looking for.

  4. Don't turn a blind eye to houses that need some repairs

    A house needing a little renovation should not put you off completely; think long term. Could the location allow you to save money on fuel or make a better school accessible to your children? Many real estate agents have contacts with reputable contractors who can repair your new home. In such cases, an HUD program, also known as 203(k) can come in handy. It will enable you to pay for repairs through a primary mortgage.

  5. Be ready to take action

    It is possible that the first home you set sights on is the right one for you. At other times you may find families who have to relocate quickly and want to sell their great home quickly. Don’t waste time over-analyzing if such an opportunity presents itself because they will be snapped up very quickly. A real estate agent can help you find such unique offers.


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